Friday 10th August : Hot Dogs & Free Dress!

It's going to a great day next Friday for the kids, with Hot Dogs and a Free Dress day!

Order forms for Hot Dog Day have gone home this week, but if you didn't receive or can't find your form, you can download another copy here.

Please return the helper form ASAP and the order form by Monday 6th August so you don't miss out.

The Free Dress Day will again include donations for our Carnival Fete Day on Saturday 24th November,

Instead of a gold coin donation, could the year levels please bring (unwrapped) :

* PREP / YR 1 - Bag of Lollies

* YR 2 / YR 3 - Gourmet Bottles e.g olive oil, wine, dessert sauces, salad dressings, balsamic vinegar, mineral water (please, no tomato sauce)

* YR 4 / YR 5 / YR 6 - Lucky Dip Prizes e.g. bouncy balls, stationery, squishies, stamps, matchbox cars, lip gloss etc

Thanks and enjoy the day!