The Parents Association plays an important role at St Vincent's Primary School by facilitating fundraising and school community events. We help raise funds to improve the facilities available to our children to enhance their learning and make their school experience more beneficial and rewarding. We also host a number of events designed bring our community together in a social setting.

Over the past several years, funds raised by the Parents Association have been used to construct the decking area which leads to the Senior playground. This has transformed the space from a sloping asphalt ramp to a space which is regularly used by children as a play and learning area.

Funds raised have also been used to purchase a variety of technology including banks of iPads and Chromebooks which are used by children across all year levels to support their learning. More recently, Parents Association funds have been used to install new synthetic turf across the top basketball court and senior adventure playground. Future funds raised will assist with the redevelopment of the junior play area.



Our constitution forms the guidelines by which our Parents Association operates including how our meetings are run and how the funds are used. 
View the attached PDF for further details.
We want you! All these fundraising activities and social events are not possible without the support of our parents. We need parents of children from all year levels - mums and dads - to help us come up with new ideas, organise events and help run our many social and fundraising activities. Keep a look out for our fortnightly newsletters and come along to our meetings to have your say about what we do this year. If you're a new parent to the school, it's a great chance to meet some other parents; if you've been in the school for a while, it's a great opportunity to find out how the Parents Association works.

Coming to our meetings doesn't mean you have to volunteer for anything or keep coming back. It's just a chance to have a chat and hear what we're all about.